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Direct Hit Marketing

Details of Our Service

With the use of strategic partnerships. We have aligned ourselves with web sites that receive MILLIONS of unique visitors per month. We personally invest our own time and money each month in marketing our sites to achieve astounding traffic figures.  With that we are able to guarantee site traffic (unique hits). Also please keep in mind, we are limited by how many order we can receive per month. This ensures the integrity of our service and guarantees our customers the unique hits they paid for.

What We Do...  We offer two programs to help you market your site:

  • Full Screen Popunders - Mainstream Traffic
  • Banner Advertising

Many companies won't tell you that some types of visitors may never see your site or may not be interested in your product! Most other traffic services send very poor traffic. In fact, if you use their services, most users will NEVER SEE YOUR SITE! This is because most services use tricks to load your page without ever being seen - indeed, they send the same visitor to tens or even hundreds of sites! The worst part is that they never even tell you... your counter moves, but you make no sales!

The visitors we send WILL SEE YOUR SITE- we make sure of that.

We even give you a URL provided by a THIRD PARTY counting system so that you can check our progress.

No tricks - just visitors!

Our prices are very competitive... check around! 

In fact, we invite you to check out the so-called competition.

Unlike some other firms, we don't try to sneak these visitors in as quality visitors (you can't tell by looking at your stats, but you can tell by looking at your SALES). These are the kind of users most services send you, they just don't tell you.

Why would you want this?

1. We will show you how to convert these visitors into MEGA BANNER ADVERTISING. The lowest cost QUALITY TARGETED banner advertising on the internet.

2. More page loads increases the value of your website (sites that have more logged hits are more valuable when sold).

Targeted banner ad impressions are worth about $15 per 1,000 impressions in the current market! The following tables show the value of banner advertising you can generate with each of our “page load” packages.

Banner Impressions Generated on
Other Sites
(at $15 CPM)
10,000 $79.95 25,000+ $300
25,000 $112.50 62,500+ $937
50,000 $175.00 125,000+ $1,875
100,000 $309.95 250,000+ $3,000


We can send HIGH QUALITY, REAL VISITORS to your website. These visitors WILL see YOUR SITE! They are not targeted, so they may or may not be interested in your product.

What We Do Not Do

We don't sit at a computer 24 hours a day just hitting the refresh on the browser - life is too short!   Anyway, as you know, though this will work on an old fashioned hit counter it will not fool a clever stats package. A unique visitor is just that. It is NOT how many times a person sees your site but how many individual people will see it.

We don't use some clever software or script that runs up millions of hits on your page - again we invite you to use you own stats program and notice where all of this traffic comes from. You simply cannot fool good stats programs nowadays. We are NOT rip off artists - we want you to not only get hits but sales too. We not only want your business but we want to keep it and we will do what it takes to make sure you are happy. 

  • We don't advertise on illegal web sites - never - period. 
  • We don't steal traffic or hack servers - ever. 
  • We don't and wont ever try to con you, rip you off, trick you or fake the results. This is genuine and so is the traffic you will receive - or your money back. 
  • We Guarantee Unique Hits Or Your Money Back!
  • Our guarantee is simple and straight forward. If you do not receive the agreed upon hits in one month you will be refunded any unused portion. 
  • Example: 100,000 hits agreed upon. 75,000 actual hits received. That is 75% delivery which will result in a 25% refund.

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